ABout the Music:


 Lyricism for me is an orientation to the material itself and about maintaining a certain expressive sonority. 

I try to get to the essence of the musical expression with each piece - a process of “distillation.”

In all the pieces, I try to define what is beauty. I don’t know whether this is possible or not. . . , but it’s a definition I work towards.

I have stopped having ideas about what is or is not modern music, because whether the piece seems tonal, atonal, modal, etc.—the same compositional considerations are still present.

Counterpoint is a re-conciliation between the fixed and the fluid unfolding of voices (a synthesis of opposites) - contrapuntal thinking means that the past, present, and future occur all together, simultaneously.

Musical style deals not only with the expressivity of the composer but of the musical language.

For myself, composition involves the combination of musical materials through analysis, inspiration or chance - a subtle mixture of freedom and constraint.

There is nothing to hide behind… at first glance the pieces may appear easy to perform,  but they're not. They require a great deal of instrumental discipline and focus.

Technique is the means by which one realizes or shapes the musical material during the various stages of composition. The technique employed for a particular composition is not separate from the material but is an integral part of the material and vice versa.




The World Is Round (2014)
Based on the book by Gertrude Stein
Solo Voices, Narrator, Chorus, and Orchestra
Four Tableaux (56:00)
  Instrumentation, Synopsis & Libretto - Listen
National Public Radio Interview


Sea and Sky (2018)
Chorus and Orchestra (12:00)
Program Note and InstrumentationListen

Flight Calls (2018)
Symphonic Wind Ensemble (9:00)
Program Note and InstrumentationListen

Envoi: Cello Concerto
Cello and Orchestra (2006) *
Cello and Piano Arrangement (2012) *
Four Movements (16:00)
Program Note and InstrumentationListen

Small, Still Voices (1997) *
Four Movements (11:00)
Program Note and InstrumentationListen

Mirabilia (1993) *
Symphonic Wind Ensemble (11:00)
Instrumentation and Program Note  - Listen

Three Medieval English Songs (1992) *
Chorus and Orchestra
Three Movements (23:00)
Program Note and InstrumentationListen


An Unsent Letter *
Solo piano (4:30)

Trio Tikkun (2014) *
Viola, Cello and Piano
Three Movements (13:30)
Program Note

Five Pieces for Viola and Piano (2013) *
Viola and Piano
Five Movements (14:00)
Program Note - Listen

Constellation Mobile (2012) *
Solo Piano
Three Movements (10:30)
Program Note - Listen

"Postlude" from Planxty Cage (2012) *
Solo Piano (2:00)
Program Note - Listen

Tapestry Studies (2011) *
Solo Piano
Nine character pieces (27:30) 
Program Note - Listen

Three Caribbean Song Games (2009) *
Double Seconds Steel Pans
Three Movements (7:40)
Program Note - Listen

Stations II: To Morton Feldman (2007) *
II. Two Pianos (11:45)
IIa. Two Pianos and Violin (11:45)
 Program NoteListen

Rhapsody (2004) *
Violin and Piano (4:20) - Listen
Clarinet and Piano, 2005 Arrangement - Listen
Viola and Piano, 2007 Arrangement
Program Note

Gestus II (2004) *
String Quartet (14:00) 
Program NoteListen

Seeing Those Hours (2003) *
Alto Saxophone and Piano (11:20)
Program Note - Listen

A Page for Will (2003) *
Solo Piano (1:49)
Program Note - Listen

Gestus (2001) *
Solo Cello (10:30) 
Program Note Listen

Speaking Likenesses (2001) *
Cello and Piano (9:40) 
Program NoteListen

Clockwork Music (2000) *
Two Pianos (7:00)

Place (2000) *
Violin, Clarinet and Piano (7:10)

Inflorescence (1997) *
Clarinet and Piano
Program Note - Listen

Planxty Cage (1994) *
Solo Piano (22:00)
Program Note - Listen

Small, Still Voices (1993) *
Oboe and String Quartet
Four Movements (9:20)
Program Note - Listen

Distant Music (1990) *
Two Clarinets, Violin, Viola, and Cello (10:00)
Program Note - Listen

Planh: To William Hibbard (1990) *
Solo Viola (11:00)
Program Note - Listen

Radical Ears (1989)
Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba and Piano (6:00)

Violin (1980, revised 1987) *
Four Violins (13:00)
Program Note - Listen

Stations: To Morton Feldman (1987) *
Solo Piano (7:00)
Program Note - Listen

Voices, Harbors.... (1987) *
Clarinet and Piano (7:00) 

Continuum (1985) *
Two Pianos (20:00)
Program Note - Listen

Still Life (1984) *
Two Flutes (14:00)
Program Note - Listen

Exit Music (1983) *
Violin, Viola and Cello (12:00)
Program Note - Listen

Forms In Change (1982) *
Soprano and Chamber Ensemble (10:40)
Program Note - Listen

Grid-Work (1980) *
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano (7:28)
Program Note - Listen

Stabile (1978) 
Clarinet, Guitar, and Vibraphone (6:00)

Piece for Unaccompanied Clarinet (1974)
Solo Clarinet (6:00)
Program Note - Listen


Inscape: Three Choral Settings from Gerard Manly Hopkins (2007) *
SATB a cappella choir (10:30)
Three Movements
Program Note - Listen

Five Songs from Christina Rossetti (2007) *
Tenor Voice, Clarinet, Cello and Piano
Five Movements (14:25)
Program Note - Listen

Come Away (2001) *
SAB Choir (4:00)
Program Note

Chanson Speculaire (1995) *
SATB a cappella choir (5:00)
Program Note - Listen

L'Aura Amara (1991) *
Soprano Voice, Clarinet and Violin (12:00)
Program Note - Listen

Saint John Turned To See The Sound (1981) *
SATB a capella (6:10) - Listen
SATB Choir and String Orchestra, 1997 * (8:00) - Listen
Program Note 

Song From Catullus (1997) *
Solo High Voice (5:00)
Program Note



Veil - To James Turrell (2018)
Stereo Fixed Media (5:30)
Program Note - Listen

Night Sky (2017)
Stereo Fixed Media (6:00)
Program Note - Listen

 Icarus Falling (2015)
Stereo Fixed Media (7:00)
Program Note - Listen

Radioplay - To Jean Tingueley (2015)
Stereo Fixed Media (3:00)
Program Note - Listen

4 x 4: Four Videos on Four Painters
Klee, Picasso, Matisse, Chagal
Stereo Fixed Media and Video (11:00)
Program Note - See Video Gallery

Saint John Turned To See the Sound
Music Video (7:00)
See Video Gallery

Three Motets: Arabesques (1999)
Four prerecorded and overdubbed clarinet (16:00)
Arrangement for Four Live Clarinets, 1999 *
Program Note - Listen

A Masque for Dancing (1996)
Stereo Fixed Media (45:30)
Synopsis & Program Note - Listen - See Video Gallery

....Like Spring (1988)
Prerecorded and overdubbed flutes and electronics (12:17)
Program Note - Listen

*  Published by Frog Peak Music, Box 1052, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766

Contact the composer for scores not available through Frog Peak Music.




Motet I: Arabesque, four clarinets. Reprinted in “Notations 21: An Anthology of Innovative
Notation,” edited by Theresa Sauer, Mark Batty Publisher (2009)

A Page for Will, solo piano. Reprinted in “A Festschrift for Will Ogdon,” Collected and Compiled
by János Négyesy and Garrett Bowles, University of California, San Diego Press, 2003

Still Life, two flutes. Reprinted in the Society of Composers, Journal of Music Scores, European
American Music (Volume 21, 1996)

Stations: To Morton Feldman, solo piano. Reprinted in Perspectives of New Music, Volume 27/1
(Winter, 1989)

Song From Catullus. solo high voice. Lingua Press, 1977 (available through Frog Peak Music)